Blog  Announcing the NFTY SO 2022-2023 Regional Board Candidates

Announcing the NFTY SO 2022-2023 Regional Board Candidates

We are thrilled to announce the candidates for NFTY SO’s 2022-2023 Regional Board!

Elections will be held Sunday, May 1st at 4 PM CDT. CLICK HERE to register!

Candidate for President
Donovan Ligier
I am a current junior from New Orleans, Louisiana. I use He/Him pronouns. I love NFTY and getting to know more NFTYites. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and playing puttputt golf. I am an amateur chicken sandwich enthusiast, and I have journeyed Mt Everest 9 times. Read Donovan’s Letter of Intent and view his Platform Sheet. 



Candidates for Programming Vice President:
Sarah Blen

Hi my name is Sarah Blen, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m from Memphis, Tennessee. I’ve been going to Jacobs Camp since garin and I think it’s going to be a super full circle moment for me to hopefully be planning events there as programming Vice President. Fun facts about me include: I’m super cool and awesome. Read Sarah’s Letter of Intent and view his Platform Sheet. 



Mimi Reagler
Hey, y’all! My name is Mimi Reagler (she/her) from Hot Springs, Arkansas. I have gone to Jacobs Camp for the past 9 years. This year I am going to Israel with NFTY in Israel! Recently I have learned how to make soap and potholders. I also LOVE dogs, my family has two, and I have my own dog, Mel. Mel had 5 adorable puppies March 27th. I am so excited for this upcoming year!! Read Mimi’s Letter of Intent and view his Platform Sheet.


Candidate for Social Action Vice President
Maya Freedman
Hey y’all! I’m Maya Freedman (she/her) and I’m from Madison, Ms. I am a part of my TYG, BITY, and I have gone to Jacobs Camp since 2012. I am active in four schools clubs: Women’s Empowerment, Advocates for Change, Beta Club, and Environmental Awareness, which I am Vice President of. For fun I love to have picnics with friends, blast Harry Styles in the car, go kayaking, and watch Twilight. I am thrilled to be running for SAVP! Read Maya’s Letter of Intent and view his Platform Sheet.


Candidate for Religious & Cultural Vice President
West Kleinman
What’s up NFTY, I’m West Kleinman and am running to be your Religious and Cultural Vice President. I have attended URJ Jacobs Camp for 8 summers and plan on attending NFTY in Israel this year. I run Cross Country and Track at Lakeside in Hot Springs Arkansas and am co-captain of the Hot Springs Thoroughbreds Mountain Biking Team. In my free time I enjoy trying new foods and coding fun projects. Read West’s Letter of Intent and view his Platform Sheet.



Candidate for Membership Vice President
Belle Adelman-Cannon
Hey, I’m Belle Adelman-Cannon (he/they/she). I am excited to announce my candidacy for Membership Vice President. I am a rising Junior at Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans. When not at Jacobs camp, I stay active with Jewish life in NOLA by working as a Madrichim at Touro Synagogue and attending NYFTY-SO events. If you have ever been to New Orleans for the Muses parade you may have me on unicycle or high stilts. When not studying, I practice all manner of Circus Arts (unicycle, stilts, trapeze silks). Some fun facts about me are that I am bilingual (English/French), and in addition to B’nei Mitzvah level Hebrew, I have also studied Mandarin and am currently studying German. When not engaging in either academic pursuits or circus life, I can be found hanging out with my friends, reading, tending my extensive collection of plants or playing with my amazing cat, Bast. Read Belle’s Letter of Intent and view his Platform Sheet.


Candidate for Communications Vice President
Ben Kornman
Hi, my name is Ben Kornman (he/him), and I’m running for CVP. I’m from New Orleans, and in my free time I play a lot of basketball and I’m always listening to music. I can’t wait for elections! Read Ben’s Letter of Intent and view his Platform Sheet.