Blog  Announcing Your 2021-2022 NFTY Southern Regional Board!!!

Announcing Your 2021-2022 NFTY Southern Regional Board!!!

Meet the 2021-2022 NFTY Southern Regional Board Elect


President: Lilah Goldman

Howdy! I’m Lilah Goldman and I currently serve as the 2020-2021 regional Programming VP! I’m from Little Rock, AR and I’ve been active with our TYG, LAFTY all throughout high school as well. I’m a big animal enthusiast and I love all things arts and crafts. Jacobs Camp and NFTY have been big parts of my life as I’ve grown up and I hope to be elected as your regional president!







Programming Vice President: Jack Benjamin III

My name is Jack Benjamin and I use he/him pronouns. I am seventeen years old, I am currently a junior, and I will be graduating in the spring of 2022. I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana, I go to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, and I am a member of Temple Sinai in New Orleans. I am applying for the position of programming vice president.







Social Action Vice President: Tillie Reagler

I’m from Hot Springs, Arkansas and am currently serving as NFTY southern’s CVP. I have also served as LAFTY’s CVP and gone to URJ Jacobs Camp for ten years. I plan to be a Solelim and travel to Israel this summer. Often, at home, I am lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons, or swimming with my team at the local YMCA. I enjoy making gigantic blankets, taking care of my fish and playing clarinet.







Religious & Cultural Vice President: David Ronnel

Hey y’all! I’m David Ronnel and I’m seeking re-election for the Religious and Cultural Vice President. I run cross country at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have a large interest in social action issues, and I am currently trying to push a bill to make Holocaust education mandatory in all Arkansas public schools through the Arkansas State Senate.







Membership Vice President: Zoey Rockoff

Zoey Rockoff (she/her) is a junior from Jackson Mississippi and is excited to announce her candidacy for Membership Vice President. She is NFTY Southern’s current Social Action Vice President and is a proud member of her local TYG, BITY. When not connecting with other NFTYites, Zoey is at soccer practice or working at a virtual reality arcade. In her free time, she enjoys playing the Sims, watching Minecraft videos, and merging people’s faces together.






Communications Vice President: Donovan Ligier

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Los Angeles, California

WHERE I LIVE NOW: New Orleans, Louisiana

MUSIC TASTE: I like hip-hop and rap, but my favorite genre is Bossa Nova. I like MF DOOM, J Dilla, The Neptunes, NERD, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, and Action Bronson. My favorite album is The Miseducation of Ms. Lauryn Hill.

MOVIE TASTE: I love directors like Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, Martin Scorcese, Spike Jonze, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Stanley Kubrick.

I am on the football team, I play Running Back, I am also on the Quizbowl Team (A TEAM), I produce music in my free time and I also like to make music videos for my friends. I like hanging out with my friends and doing research on odd topics.




Join us for NFTY-SO’s Spring Kallah the weekend of April 9-11th, 2021, where the new board will be officially installed. Watch for the link to register.