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NFTYx Update

Hey NFTY So!

This is Tillie Reagler, your CVP! Y’all haven’t heard from us in a while so I wanted to update y’all on what NFTY So was up to! Since NFTYx launched we have had three programs. The first was August in a Day with Ivy Cohen, planned by our president, Ana Finger and our PVP, Lilah Goldman. The program was all of the weird holidays within August smooshed into one program. The next program was Havdalah and Craft with Rabbi Lexi Erdheim written by our RCVP, David Ronnel and our MVP, Jack Benjamin. We had havdalah and then did some fun origami. Lastly we had Macaroni Meltdown programmed by our SAVP, Zoey Rockoff and me. With some help from Elyse Greenberg Kort, during the program we made macaroni bracelets, learned about the history of mac, and made some mac and cheese with one of Elyse’s favorite recipes! 

We are planning more fun events coming up and will keep you up to date on Facebook and Instagram. So excited for NFTYx and hope to see y’all at the events!